Give the Gift of Books Without Spending a Dollar!

I absolutely love making my students feel special. I also love a good coupon or bargain. So when I realized I could gift my students with books more than once in a year and not spend ONE PENNY, I think I heard the explosion of my mind!

I had always used Scholastic as a teacher, because I remembered how much I loved getting the catalogs as a kid. But if you have never used Scholastic, let me tell you, it is worth investing some time to set up an account.

Here is the gist of it. Scholastic is a place for students to order books for cost efficient prices (you can always find a $1 book in each catalog). The teacher becomes the middle man. As the teacher you get the catalogs, send them home, place the order and distribute the order. BUT Scholastic rewards you HEAVILY for your time and energy. See every dollar spent (which means every order a student places) earns YOU BONUS POINTS! Those bonus points can be used to purchase anything from the Scholastic website. This could be books for your classroom, books for your guided reading library, or anything available in the Teacher's Catalog (stickers, borders, incentive charts, iPads (yes iPads), microwaves (for real) and more!).

So if you plan ahead, and save up some of those bonus points, you can EASILY use them to "purchase" $1 books for every single one of your kids, without spending a penny of your own!

My favorite times to give the gift of reading is right before winter break and right before the end of the year. It's an amazing way to make my students feel loved, build their at home library, and encourage positive relationships with books!

Interested in signing up for Scholastic? WANT EVEN MORE BONUS POINTS? Email me at or comment below and I will send you my personal code. This code will give both of us 250 bonus points for no reason!

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