October Comprehension Pack

Without comprehension, students are just decoding words with no meaning attached to them. Without comprehension, students are unable to increase their reading levels. Without comprehension, students are continuously feeling frustrated with texts.

Teaching decoding skills can be pretty straight forward; letter sounds, blending, digraphs, word families, etc. When a student struggles with decoding we can usually pinpoint the exact problem and then provide interventions to mend that gap. It's not so simple when it comes to comprehension. I tend to find myself asking the same questions, and not having ways to get precise answers:

  • Is it a processing issue that we need to look closer at?
  • Is the student paying attention to what they are reading?
  • Do they lack vocabulary which makes it difficult to understand what they are reading?
  • Do they in fact understand but struggle to verbalize it?
And the list goes on and on....

So that is why one year I decided to tackle comprehension work head on. I was going to make comprehension a part of our weekly lesson plans. We would approach it from all angles; whole group, independent work, verbally during read alouds, in guided reading, and during homework. As each month passed I would make a new pack for us to use, and boy oh boy did I see a HUGE difference in my students reading and comprehension abilities.

So after many, many, many hours, I have finally finished putting all of that material into monthly comprehension packs ready to be used in your classroom! 

Here is a sneak peek of my October Comprehension Pack

You get a variety of non-fiction and fiction passages. They come with multiple choice and written response questions. 

You will also receive differentiated writing paper for your high, middle and low writing groups.

You also get a hands on story element puzzle center

-Vocabulary Word Posters
-Parent Letter
-Book Baggie Letter
-Reading Log
-Certificates for Improvement
-Certificates for Mastery
-Story Element Pop Sticks

Grab all 65 pages of comprehension work HERE!

You can read MORE about my comprehension packs HERE or purchase the BUNDLE and save 20% HERE.

Michelle Vasilescu AKA Mrs V

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