What Are Teachers Saying About Baseline Assessments?

Baseline assessments are a key component to success in a classroom. They allow you to gather critical data, group students by ability, plan interventions and extensions, write IEP reports, write report cards, and deliver clear and solid information at parent-teacher conferences and other important meetings. 

On a personal note, once I started using baseline assessments consistently throughout the year, I saw a HUGE increase in my students overall abilities. 

That is why I created a 
and a 

Here is what other educators have had to say about some of these products

If you'd like to read more about baseline assessments, check out my blog post on Kindergarten & First Grade Baseline Assessments. Don't forget, second grade is also available!

Want to grab your own baseline assessments? Follow the links below!

Stay tuned...working on a Third Grade Baseline Assessment next!

-Michelle Vasilescu AKA Mrs V-

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