Colors Galore!

I love teaching colors to my kiddies. It's one of those skills that some kids have mastered before they even enter my room, and some students really need a lot of support and help with the topic. I've worked really hard to develop a full unit on colors that helps to meet the needs of all of the students. From basic coloring activities, to learning how to read and write the color words....this unit has it all! And my favorite is packed with hands on activities!

Take a look at (some) of the unit below!

 A wide variety of worksheets to help students recognize colors, identify objects of a certain color, read color words, write color words, and build color words.

Flashcards & Matching Wall Posters:
Use flashcards as a whole group warm-up, with intervention groups, or for individual students. The unit includes flashcards AND the matching wall posters which can be displayed all year long!

Hands on Centers & Activities:
Engage your kids and make learning super fun with these hands on center activities.

Color Word & Paint Splatter Puzzles

Color Sort Picture Cards & Title Cards

The unit even includes an end of unit assessment, to help you determine who is ready to move on and who may need some more help and intervention with the topic. 

This unit is 80 pages long and filled with opportunities to incorporate colors into your room.

Check out the product listing or grab your copy HERE!

~Michelle Vasilescu AKA Mrs V~

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