Rake Them Up: Letter Sounds Game

 This game is a great way to practice letter sounds and build fluency. Students pick a card and must be able to produce the letter sound. If they can...they keep the card! If they can't, that's okay...you model the letter sound and put it back in the pile. The student with the most cards at the end of the game gets a special cheer (I don't like to say "wins" because it makes the other kiddies feel bad). BUT there is a twist...if they pick a "Rack Them Up!" card, they must put all of their cards back in the bag! I've included directions for a quick and fun chant we all yell when that card is pulled...the kids LOVE it!

     This is a really easy way to build fluency and phonemic awareness. It can even be modified to be a letter identification game. I use this during centers, after guided reading, or even with kids who finish their work early!

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