Pop! Sight Word Reading & Writing Hands On Activity

As I sit here and dust off my blog, I can't even believe that it has been around a year since I last wrote a post. Since then many things have happened. I have transitioned from a kindergarten general education classroom teacher to a 1st and 2nd grade special education interventionist. I bought a house....and I had a baby! So as you can see, I have ignored my blog for good reasons! But now that my boy is 6 months old, my creative juices are flowing again, and I am more motivated than ever to create the best products for you to use in your classroom! That being said....I am so excited to participate in "Winner Wednesday" and host a GIVEAWAY for a product that I think is particularly useful this time of the year.

Here in NY we only have about 8 weeks left of school. We're getting to that weird period where teachers are finishing up their curriculums but they still need to fill up the space of the day with learning. At this point, I always love to find hands on activities that help reinforce skills from throughout the year. I find that sight word work is always beneficial, especially since I usually have a handful of kids who have not yet mastered all 100 words. So last year I went ahead and created a quick and simple sight word activity to play in small groups throughout the day. I called it "Pop! Sight Word Reading and Writing Hands On Activity." It was super easy to prep, and even easier to teach the kids how to play. After modeling it a few times, they were able to conduct this game all by themselves.

So here it is!

The game comes with 100 popcorn pieces. Each piece has a sight word on it. I've used all 100 words from Fry's First 100 List.

After cutting and laminating (optional), you place the popcorn pieces into a tub, plastic bag, bin, or anything your little heart desires. I got my popcorn bins here!

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Kiddies take turns picking a piece of popcorn and reading the word. If they can read the word, they write it on their "Popcorn Board." 

I placed the boards in dry erase pouches, that way we could use them over and over again without any extra prep work. You can grab dry erase pouches here. Trust me, you won't be sorry. I use these for so many different lessons!

I have my kids self monitor each other, and provide guidance for struggling readers. If they can't read the word, no biggie! They simply place the piece back and keep on picking until they find a word they know! 

Once their boards are all complete, they can work on the writing extension. This asks them to choose 3 of the 6 sight words, and use them in a sentence. Just another reinforcer of skills we have been working on all year.

It's a super simple way to engage the kids and help them learn their sight words!

Best of all....it's only $2.50 in my Teachers Pay Teachers store (( Mrs V's Chickadees)). You can grab a copy right here:

I will also be giving away a copy to one lucky winner!!

Simply enter to win below. I am only accepting entries today (Wednesday, May 4th) and the winner will be selected tomorrow (Thursday, May 5th). I will email the winner the entire unit!

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I truly hope you enjoy this product!

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Michelle Vasilescu aka Mrs. V


  1. Hi Michelle,
    Congrats on all the big changes you've had this year! I love the idea of using the dry erase pouches to make it easy to use this over and over again. Thanks for linking up this month.

    Sara J Creations

  2. Glad you are getting back into the TpT groove. Congrats on your sweet bundle of joy! This looks like a great product. What kid doesn't like popcorn?! Thank you so much for linking up with us this month.

    A Dab of Glue Will Do

  3. Congrats on your new bundle of joy. This looks like a great idea to use. Dry erase pouches are perfect to use so they can be reusable.

  4. This is a cute product! I too have had a busy year and left my poor little blog unattended, but rather it than my children ; )


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