Math Centers for the Year

Hands on kindergarten math centers for the entire year. Engaging activities to teach number sense, number identification, ten frames, counting on, addition, subtraction and more!

Are you ready to have an entire school year's worth of hands on math centers? As a general education turned special education teacher, I have seen first hand how important hands on activities are. That is why I have created a year long math centers bundle! Below is a detailed look at everything check it out!

Phonics Centers for the Entire Year!

Engaging and hands on centers that cover a years worth of kindergarten phonics lessons. Some skills include letter sounds, CVC words, digraphs, vowels, rhymes, letter ID and more!

As a general education turned special education teacher, I have seen hands on activities help all levels of learners. I'm about to share with you a true labor of Phonics Centers for the Year Bundle! This bundle includes 35 WEEKS WORTH OF KINDERGARTEN PHONICS CENTERS! That's right, 35 weeks! That is enough centers to last you an entire school year. I worked so hard to create fun and engaging activities that cover a variety of key kindergarten phonics skills. If you want an in depth look at what this bundle entails, keep reading!

5 Ways for Teachers to Make the Most Out of School Breaks

Teacher tips for making the most out of school breaks. Utilizing our time off, getting chores down and recharging so we don't suffer from teacher burn out

As teachers we are so incredibly lucky to have breaks from work. I feel like I am always looking forward to the next break, and then it comes....and's over! If you're anything like me you create this crazy to-do list for each break, and you either spend the entire time doing annoying chores OR you do none of it and feel incredibly guilty. So after many many breaks like this, I've finally found a happy medium. Here are my 5 quick tips for making the most of your school breaks.

Differentiated Sight Word Folders

Fun and hands on differentiated sight word work for centers, small groups or whole class. Great for any sight word list, so it works across multiple grades: kindergarten, first grade, second grade and more!

Sight words account for up to 75% of the words used in children's books. Learning to read sight words with automaticity helps build strong readers because they will be able to identify majority of the words in a text, before having to apply any phonetic knowledge. 

Thankful Turkey Bulletin Board

My Thanksgiving bulletin board is by far my most popular! And here's a little's my easiest board to do!

Here's a how-to guide on creating this bulletin board, and some bonus materials!

Thanksgiving Bulletin Board idea. I Am Thankful turkey represents all of the things students are thankful for. Decorated feathers show off their families, interests and more. Step by step directions

How Beanie Babies Taught My Students To Read

Tips for teaching students to read in guided reading and small groups through the use of beanie babies as reading strategies

Teaching kids to read is by far the hardest task I've ever encountered as an educator. That is of course until I started using Beanie Babies in my daily reading instruction. Below is how I created a sense of enthusiasm and excitement within my little learners, while simultaneously teaching them the most important reading strategies necessary.

5 Time Saving Tips for Teacher Moms

Time saving tips for working moms to help you maximize your time at home and feel less stressed.

Being a mom is A LOT of work, it is a job that never ends...and sometimes I feel the same way about teaching. So when these two worlds collide, it can seem overwhelming, or worse, as if you can't give 100% to both areas of your life. Below is a list of 5 simple ways to help you be a rockstar mom and teacher 100% of the time!

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